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Growing up, every Sunday morning my mom would load my brother and I into the car to take us to church. There are many things I remember about this ritual including the chance to wear my prettiest dress and the immense injustice I felt when my brother dared to cross the invisible line in the back seat reaching a hand or a foot onto "my side." I have no doubt my mom's ears still ring with shouts of "he's touching me!"But I also remember that each and every week, before climbing into the car, my mom would write a check and seal it in an envelope that my brother and I would later fight over hoping for the chance to drop it into the basket. As soon as we were old enough to earn a weekly allowance of our own, my brother and I were encouraged to bring a dollar of our own earnings to church and drop it in the basket alongside my mom's envelope. Weekly tithing to my faith community was just something we did. . . no questions.

As I've grown and explored different ways of connecting to the Divine through various faith communities, I've found that each and every one of them offer the opportunity for members of the community to give back. I've grown in my own understanding of this practice, knowing it to be much more than just "something I do." On a practical level, I know that bills are paid and services supported as a result of my giving. On a metaphysical level, I know that by giving freely I make room in my life for new experiences, opportunities, and blessings to rush in. But what it really comes down to for me is that through my engagement with a faith community, I come to know myself more fully and become increasingly aware of my connection to the Divine. It is this profound experience of the Divine that transforms my life. There is no greater gift. How can I not give when I am so richly blessed?

Yoga has become, for me, a critical spiritual practice and a new kind of a faith community. I turned to yoga during a period of profound darkness in my life. I was seeking connection, healing, and freedom from physical and emotional pain. Yoga embraced me fully. The deeper I fell into yoga, the richer the experience. My body has healed, my heart has healed, and my spirit is enlivened because day after day yoga greets me with open arms every time I step onto my mat. Yoga has the strength to hold my brokenness and the grace to patiently and gently heal. Yoga is my constant companion opening me up to the richness of life and revealing the truth that the Divine is within me and all around me, in every moment.

So, again, how can I not give when I am so richly blessed? Just like that little girl who dropped a dollar into the basket each and every week, this adult woman now chooses to send a modest monthly donation to Living Yoga. My 'tithing' is no longer something I just do. It is a conscious choice to contribute to healing and wholeness through this practice that means so much to me. Today, I give out of humble gratitude for all that I have received and with the knowledge that my financial contribution to Living Yoga transforms lives - others and my own.

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