The short answer, of course, is because the monthly option lets you spread out your giving in a way that feels easier on the budget, allowing you to give maybe a little more than you might as a one-time donor.

But the real reason we really encourage you to become a monthly donor is because this is not a one time problem.  This is an ongoing process and your gift is helping to build and nurture a healthier, more loving and just society. Your monthly gift, small or large, is sustaining to us. It means you are part of our effort, that you are part of our solution and you are part of our enduring community.

What holds us together is the belief that we’re all stronger when we’re all contributing. We see in Yoga a simple tool that can help people heal from trauma and lead healthier and more joyful lives. We see Living Yoga as a simple, cost-effective program that makes the world better for all of us.

Your  monthly donation keeps us going and growing. It’s a little bit of good in a world that could really use it.

So, thank you!


I chose to be a monthly donor of Living Yoga because...  Living Yoga sees people for who they are meant to be not what they have done, recognize and treat them as human beings and show compassion and kindness...  You help others empower themselves to reach their potential. –Kathleen Ris

"I make a monthly contribution to Living Yoga as a mindful expression of gratitude - gratitude for the life changing services the organization provides, and gratitude that I am, in this instance, in the position of giving instead of receiving."—Suzanne Bigelow

“I love the living Yoga Roots Monthly Giving Program so much I'm doubling my commitment this year! It's easy, it's provides stable funding for the organization and you get to choose the amount that's right for you.” –Sherrie Barger

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